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Fleet Washing

 For over 20 years, Xpress Wash Inc. has been one of the top fleet washing providers throughout Los Angeles County. We offer fleet owners and companies low-cost washing services and as always, we guarantee a thorough inside out hand wash for your fleet.

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Our Fleet Wash Guarantee

Our staff is trained and experienced to service semi trucks, trailers, tractors, bobtails, vans and among other vehicles.

Better still, we’ll bring our fleet washing services to your preferred location.

You can contact us for a quote or we can set up appointments at a time convenient for you.

Top Quality Services

We offer services such as detailing, shampoo, polishing, and more. 

Our staff will give careful, thorough cleaning for each vehicle. Our goal is to give out the best professional image on your vehicle.

With Xpress Wash Inc., it is not how many vehicles we clean but how well we clean each vehicle.

Your Company Logo Remains Vibrant & Intact

Our staff will use only the right products and equipment for the job in order to clean your vehicles without damaging your company’s logo and/or trucks.

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Fleet Wash Benefits

Our mobility allows us to drive to your location, which helps companies save time and fuel.

We help companies save money by avoiding buying costly equipment, supplies and most importantly taking the time out of your employees from washing vehicles.


Your Employees’ Health is Guaranteed

At Xpress Wash Inc., we only use eco-friendly cleaning products that will keep employees out of harm. This way, you’ll enjoy happier, healthier employees that will bring the results you want.

Fleet Washing Services

Besides providing the best hand car wash services for your car, Xpress Wash Inc. boasts of 2 decades of fleet washing services.

Our staff will use top-quality Xpress Auto Detail Supplies when detailing your vehicles’s interiors and exteriors.

Our goal this, your car will get rolling looking as good as new! Our professional and friendly staff can handle your fleet, truck, trailer details, and more.

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Fleet Washing

Polish Service

Shampoo Service

Rim Polishing